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Every customer is the most important for us. We respect and honor their right to be treated fairly and honestly. Always striving to meet their requirements and needs through a top-notch quality attention.
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Fast Consulting

Making timely and correct decisions it’s of vital importance in today’s market, that’s why “Fast Consulting” embodies the core of our corporate philosophy, which aims to provide customized solutions according to the yields of the diagnose performed by our experienced, innovative team of advisers, who will make your money and time perform at their best.


The par excellence overland service that combines the benefits of having an exclusive transportation for your shipment with the earliest guaranteed delivery. This type of service is ideal when moving more than 12 pallets, as it minimizes transportation costs while guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your goods on a door-to-door basis.


This option is ideal for customers who do not move large volumes of cargo, as it allows them to share the truck costs among various stakeholders, ensuring that they pay only for the space they use, which will help streamline their costs as well as providing customers with greater market share and enabling them to negotiate lower volume rates without worrying about how to deliver products to the final customer.

Customs Broking

This service is a key element within your supply chain since this is the process by which the entry or exit of goods in international customs is cleared and also the essential means for you to market goods in the target market with no setbacks. Additional to giving you the certainty of meeting all legal requirements, customs broking can become value-added if done efficiently, as it expedites delivery times, thus enabling you to meet commercial commitments and minimize costs.

Central America

As part of the group of emerging markets, this economy is growing annually at an average rate of 5% ,which in some cases exceeds (2012) the average of world’s economy growth.
These facts give us an inmmediate incentive to promote trade relations with this region, as it offers one of the most dynamic markets that the international trade of goods has only marginally exploited. If you are interested in this offer, we guarantee that Fender Logistics will become your best business partner.

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